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About Hall-Perrine Cancer Center

The facility is designed for and with input from cancer patients, but it's the innovative and nationally recognized care within that makes it truly world-class. Our expert physicians and compassionate, oncology-dedicated staff work together to provide a comprehensive experience to patients and their families.

Watch a video highlighting our services and amenities. You’ll see all the little things that make a big difference to our patients.

A Patient-Centered Focus

While the exterior is impressive, what goes on inside is the heart of the new cancer center.

The little things make a big difference to patients and their families – like a safe place to store personal items during treatment, a convenient boutique featuring comfortable wigs and beautiful scarves, and reserved, close parking.

Mercy reached out to those battling cancer and their families for input as well as researched other leading cancer centers, and the result is a thoughtfully designed, patient-centered building.

It is our sincere commitment to create a facility that sets the bar for cancer care, and more important, thoughtfully addresses the concerns and needs of our patients and their families.

Hall Radiation Center

The Hall Radiation Center is home to the advanced technology and expert treatment staff for the Hall-Perrine Cancer Center.

This outpatient facility has served Eastern Iowa since 1956, when it was established by Margaret and Howard Hall, well-known Cedar Rapids community leaders and philanthropists.

Accessible and convenient. With dedicated parking next to the building, it's easy to get in and out fast and on with your life.

Equipped with the latest technology in radiation treatment - TomoTherapy, two linear accelerators, including a state-of-the-art Varian Trilogy accelerator, and High-Dose Rate Radiation, the Hall Radiation Center allows area residents fighting cancer to stay close to home for treatment, and provides residents in outlying areas throughout the region a destination for the most advanced treatment available.

Oncology Associates at Mercy

Hall-Perrine Cancer Center’s Hematology/Oncology services are located on the third floor to advance the delivery of high-quality, expert cancer care and chemotherapy treatment by the practicing physicians of Oncology Associates at Mercy Medical Center.

We’re committed to ensuring our patients are as comfortable as possible. The Hematology/Oncology floor was carefully designed with patient input in mind and includes private or semiprivate infusion areas, the choice of an infusion chair or bed, heated infusion chairs and flooring, personal coat closets for safe storage of personal items during treatment, natural lighting, and a view of natural green space.

Perrine Oncology (Inpatient)

Perrine Oncology & Neurosurgery Center Inpatient Room

Located on the Level 4 of Mercy Medical Center, the Perrine Oncology Inpatient Unit has distinguishing features designed to meet the special needs of cancer patients, including ongoing staff education and resources within the hospital to stay current with the latest in oncology-related care. Several nurses within Mercy have obtained oncology nurse certification. There is also the option of a double bed to allow a family to have closer contact during a patient's stay. Read more about the double bed initiative in this story featured in The Mercy Touch Magazine.

Studies have proven that patients’ length of stay is reduced, patients report less pain and smaller amounts of narcotics are used, and fewer medication errors are made in single-patient rooms.

  • Mercy’s private rooms are especially family-friendly with hide-a-beds, Internet access, flat-screen televisions, CD/DVD players and automatic, window-covering controls in every room.
  • Staff, patients and physicians experience the benefits of the thoughtfully designed patient room floor plan. Recessed entryway doors, alcoves with supplies for patient care and carpeted hallways contribute to the quieter environment and increased quality of care.
  • Nurses have cut in half the number of steps they take per shift in caring for their patients due to the efficient floor and room design. Patients are directly connected to their specific nurse by a wireless, voice-activated communications system.
  • Patients rest and sleep better, physicians can speak confidentially to patients, and visitors are able to relax without outside distractions.


Mercy has been leading the fight against cancer with compassion, hope and the latest advancements for more than 50 years. The Hall-Perrine Cancer Center is the latest chapter. View a timeline of Mercy's history of cancer care.

As the area's pioneer in treating cancers, Hall-Perrine was the first American College of Surgeons (ACoS) Commission on Cancer accredited cancer site in the area, re-accredited in 2011.

In 1956, we were the first treatment center west of the Mississippi to offer cobalt-beam radiation treatment technology. We haven't stopped innovating and improving since, now offering expertise in all areas of cancer treatment, including detection, diagnosis, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, genetics, wellness and more.

Our reach goes as far as 27 different counties in four states. We serve thousands of cancer patients each year – each one with a special, unique story that we treat with genuine warmth, compassion and understanding.

A cancer diagnosis can be shocking. At Hall-Perrine, our experienced staff is dedicated to leading the way in care that is integrated, timely and coordinated around the needs of patients and families. Working together, teams of specialists located in one place at one time provide a simple comprehensive care plan.

Our staff will be there every step of the way. We are committed to helping patients navigate through services with a coordinated and comprehensive care plan that often crosses multiple disciplines so patients can concentrate on what is most important: their recovery.

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Courageous Stories

Suzanne Staab

Suzanne's Story

In keeping with tradition at Hall-Perrine, Suzanne Staab – with family, friends and Mercy staff by her side – rings a bell to signify the end of her cancer treatment. Watch her story.

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