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All You Need to Know about a Colonoscopy

Kris is a Mercy nurse who used her 50th birthday to spread an important message – that colon cancer screening is simple and it can save lives. Did you know that colon cancer is the second most common type of cancer in men and women? But it is preventable and treatable if caught early. If you are 50 years of age or older, now is a perfect time to get screened. Join Kris and give yourself the gift of health.

Watch a Colonoscopy & Other Colon Cancer Educational Videos

You'll see what a simple procedure it can be and you'll hear from Dr. Dean Abramson, Medical Director for Mercy's Digestive Health Center. Find out how this procedure may have actually saved Kris' life. And hear how simple it really was for Kris.

Colon Cancer Educational Videos

Are You at Risk for Colon Cancer?  

Get the facts from Dean Abramson, MD, Gastroenterologists P.C., on polyps, risk factors, warning signs, genetics and more in this Q&A video on colon cancer.

Colonoscopy Process & Options 

Watch a webinar on what you can expect from start to finish.  

Have A Question?

Treatment options, finding physicians or seeking second opinions? Let us help you find the answers. Contact us.

Courageous Stories

Suzanne Staab

Suzanne's Story

In keeping with tradition at Hall-Perrine, Suzanne Staab – with family, friends and Mercy staff by her side – rings a bell to signify the end of her cancer treatment. Watch her story.

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