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See All Your Doctors in One Visit

Multidisciplinary Clinic

Multidisciplinary Clinics

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With many advances in cancer treatments, we feel it’s important to have a collaborative approach to ensure each patient’s treatment plan is comprehensive and effective.

The goal of the Hall-Perrine Cancer Center’s Multidisciplinary Clinic is to move patients from diagnosis to treatment faster – that’s why our patients see all their doctors in one day, during one appointment.  The team is

tailored to each patient’s needs and may include a medical oncologist, radiation oncologist, oncologic surgeon, oncology nurse navigator, oncology genetic counselors and other specialists. The patient’s treatment plan is evaluated together as a team to ensure quality care.

Benefit to Patients

  • See all their oncology physicians during one single visit
  • Specially designed rooms for examination and consultation
  • Shorter time between diagnosis and treatment
  • Faster treatment

Breast Clinic

Tuesday Afternoons

During Breast Clinic, surgical, medical and radiation oncologists will meet with a newly diagnosed breast cancer patient.  A specific treatment plan will be outlined with the patient at the end of the appointment.

GI Clinic

Thursday Mornings

The GI Multidisciplinary Clinic is for new gastrointestinal cancer patients. This clinic brings together a surgical oncologist, medical oncologist and radiation oncologist. Collaboratively, these specialties provide the best comprehensive approach for management of the patient’s cancer.

Lung Clinic

Thursday Afternoons

The Lung Clinic is for newly diagnosed lung cancer patients. The specialists providing care in this clinic include a medical oncologist, radiation oncologist, surgical oncologist and a pulmonologist.

Skin Clinic

Friday Mornings

The Dermatology Skin Clinic provides comprehensive care for those that have suspicious skin lesions/moles. Concerns include a change in the color or size of the lesion, bleeding or large-sized lesions. The patient’s skin will be examined by a dermatologist and a surgeon. Collaboratively, these physicians will devise a skin care action plan.

This clinic is open to self-referrals. To schedule an appointment, call (319) 221-8656.

Thyroid Clinic

Tuesday Mornings

Dedicated to the diagnosis and comprehensive care of thyroid cancer, thyroid nodules and other complex thyroid disorders. Our physicians specialize in surgical oncology, endocrinology, radiation oncology and medical oncology.

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