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Oncology Genetic Counselors

Not all cancers are hereditary.

In fact, almost 90 percent can be attributed to environmental factors, lifestyle choices or a combination of reasons. However, you should consider genetic counseling and education/testing if your family history includes:

  • Multiple cases of cancer, especially breast, colon, ovarian, uterine or pancreatic.
  • Cancer in certain paired organs, including breast/ovary, colon/endometrial, or melanoma/pancreatic.
  • Cancer at an early age.
  • A known genetic mutation in a family.

Hall-Perrine Cancer Center’s Certified1 Oncology Genetics Counselor help patients and their loved ones understand cancer risk factors based on family history and genetics. Services available include:

Risk Assessment

Your initial consultation will include education, counseling and general information about genetics and cancer. We will review your personal and family medical history. We provide information on the testing process, risks and benefits of testing, implications for family members, elements of informed consent, and a broad overview of the medical management options.

Testing Process

Genetic counseling can help determine if genetic testing is appropriate for you. We facilitate the testing process and discuss insurance coverage and pre-verification options. A small sample of blood or a mouth rinse or saliva sample are taken and sent to an outside lab for analysis. We will contact you when results are available.

Post-Testing Education

After test results are available, we will interpret the results and explain the implications.

Referral & Resource Support

No referral is needed for a consultation. However, if a referral is needed to a healthcare provider after the results, we can help with that process depending on the medical management options.

Special Concerns

Considerations about insurance coverage, confidentiality and genetic discrimination are discussed thoroughly during our initial consultation. Many health plans now cover genetic testing. If genetic counseling is appropriate for you, we can work with you to gather detailed information about insurance coverage. We will also inform you of legislative protections in place to assure that employers or insurance companies do not discriminate based on genetic test results.


There is current federal legislation that provides protection from genetic discrimination to individuals enrolled in group health insurance plans. The genetic counselor will provide you with information about genetic discrimination and review the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act with you before you have genetic testing.


Patients are often invited to participate in appropriate clinical genetic research and registries.

Certified Genetic Counselor

All genetic assessments and testing are conducted by an American Board of Genetic Counseling Certified Genetic Counselor.

To learn more about Hall-Perrine Cancer Center’s Cancer Genetic Counseling Services, call (319) 221-8689 or, for scheduling, call (319) 861-7778.

1 A Certified Genetic Counselor (CGC©) demonstrates a proficient  level of knowledge and competence as a genetic counselor. The ABGC certification, CGC© credential, is the gold standard in the genetic counseling profession. The CGC© credential is recognized and used by employers, licensing boards, third party payers and the public to identify qualified genetic counselors who have attained credibility and value as a health care professional with specific knowledge and skills.

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