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Support Staff

As a cancer patient, you expect to be treated as a name, not a number, by caring staff who understand that when both the spirit and body are treated, real healing has the greatest success.

That's our approach at the Hall-Perrine Cancer Center, and our team works hard to ensure we battle cancer one patient at a time.


Radiation Oncology

Radiation Therapists

Radiation therapists carry out the administration of radiation during your treatment. They operate the equipment, making sure patients are positioned correctly and keep detailed information of each treatment. They are board certified and licensed by the State of Iowa.


Dosimetrists design a treatment plan that will deliver the correct radiation dose prescribed by the oncologist mapped to a precise location on the body. They are board certified and licensed by the State of Iowa.

Radiation Physicists

Radiation physicists provide quality assurance of imaging and treatment delivery equipment and of systems and processes to ensure optimal, accurate and safe delivery of treatment.


Medical Oncology

Oncology Pharmacists

Oncology pharmacists work with your healthcare providers to ensure your treatments are prepared and administered correctly. The Hall-Perrine Cancer Center pharmacy is conveniently located on the 3rd floor and can fill your prescriptions from any of the Hall-Perrine Cancer Center providers. The pharmacists will help you understand how best to take your home medications and/or oral chemotherapy treatments. 

Oncology Pharmacy Technicians

Oncology pharmacy technicians work closely with the pharmacist to prepare your treatments and take-home prescriptions.

Lab Technologists

Lab technologists examine and analyze blood and other bodily fluids to enable physicians to prescribe the appropriate treatments and/or preventive measures to ensure the best therapy.


Cancer Center Staff

Oncology Certified Nurses

Oncology Certified Nurses help patients during treatment, closely monitoring their overall health, and work with physicians and other staff to monitor progress of treatment.

Rehabilitation Services

Hall-Perrine Cancer Center offers a full range of rehabilitation and support services for cancer patients, including physical therapy, breast therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy, with the goal of maximizing and enhancing the quality of cancer survivorship. Learn more about rehabilitation services.

Social Workers

Social Workers provide assistance to patients and families throughout the treatment process and beyond. They work with you and your family to provide an opportunity to tackle questions, make available counseling resources, help you solve any problems you may have, and to make sure that your needs and concerns are addressed.

Oncology Nutrition (Dietitians)

Hall-Perrine Cancer Center Dietitians are Board Certified in Oncology Nutrition and help patients determine good eating options to maintain strength and health during treatment.

Patient Resource/Financial Advocates

Patient Resource and Financial Advocates help patients answer questions and ease the worry related to financial and insurance concerns. Learn more about financial assistance.

Music Therapists

Music therapists use music to supplement cancer patients' treatment plans. He or she may share a variety of musical experiences, such as singing, songwriting, dance and more to improve patient health.

Clinical Improvement & Accreditation Staff

Clinical Improvement & Accreditation staff ensures the latest evidence-based guidelines are identified and incorporated into practice. They also conduct case reviews as part of the continuous improvement process.


Chaplains provide spiritual and emotional support to patients, their families and staff when they are in need of prayer support, facing a difficult decision, anticipating surgery, having difficulty communicating with family, coping with a long-term illness.

Palliative Care

Palliative care is specialized care for those experiencing a serious, chronic or life-limiting illness. The goal is to relieve the pain, symptoms and stress of a serious illness to achieve the best quality of life, while supporting patients and their families, regardless of treatment goals and life expectancy.


Hospice staff focus on physical, emotional and spiritual comfort, promoting the independence and dignity of patients and families while providing expert medical treatment and support.

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Courageous Stories

Suzanne Staab

Suzanne's Story

In keeping with tradition at Hall-Perrine, Suzanne Staab – with family, friends and Mercy staff by her side – rings a bell to signify the end of her cancer treatment. Watch her story.

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