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Rehabilitation Services

Physical TherapyOccupational Therapy

The Hall-Perrine Cancer Center offers specialized occupational therapists that work with patients to increase their independence with activities of daily living such as dressing, bathing, household tasks and returning to work. Specialized services also include treatment for hand neuropathies resulting
from chemotherapy.

Breast Therapy

Our oncology breast cancer and certified lymphedema specialist provides support to patients with their pre- and post-treatment needs. Additional services include garment and prosthetics fittings from our certified mastectomy fitter.

Lymphedema (swelling of the arm) and Axillary Web Syndrome (sometimes referred to as “cording”) is a common side effect for patients who have undergone breast mastectomy or lumpectomy procedures. Our certified lymphedema occupational therapist works with patients to reduce or minimize risk factors and discomfort, while improving range of motion.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy services are offered to improve balance, general weakness, vestibular, and gait problems as well as treatment therapies for neuropathy.

A physician order is required for all therapy services as well as mastectomy bras, prosthesis garments and compression sleeves for insurance coverage.

Infrared Light Therapy for Chemotherapy-Induced Neuropathy

Infrared Light Therapy is used to treat patients with neuropathy, pain and poor circulation caused by a range of factors, including chemotherapy, diabetes, severe injuries and vascular disease. This non-invasive, evidence-based therapy emits infrared light, which increases circulation to promote healing and decrease pain and inflammation. Symptoms include:

  • tingling
  • burning
  • coldness
  • weakness or numbness in the hands or feet
  • pain or difficulty walking
  • difficulty picking up small objects, buttoning or typing

For questions on whether infrared light therapy may be an option for you, please call (319) 398-6514.

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