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Thrive Therapy Fitness & Wellness Program

Get past just surviving cancer – start thriving!

Thrive Therapy patient

Thrive Therapy is a program designed to improve a patient’s functional strength and exercise ability during and following the course of their cancer treatments. A physical therapist will perform an initial assessment to determine any weakness in daily activities, balance or walking stability issues, as well as measure the patient’s exercise ability. They will reassess each patient halfway through their program and again upon completion. An individualized program is developed and then implemented by oncology-trained rehabilitation staff.

Thrive Therapy Patient Goals

  • Ensure patient is independent and safe with all mobility needs
  • Teach proper exercise techniques
  • Improve stamina
  • Develop a custom exercise program that the patient can continue with upon completion of their treatment.

Following the completion of the program, further recommendations may be made for individual patient needs and/or transition to the LIVESTRONG™ program offered through the YMCA or a home exercise program.

Journey to Wellness Classes & Events

Each month, Hall-Perrine Cancer Center offers free wellness classes and events to cancer patients, survivors and their caretakers or guests. These classes and events are designed to revitalize not only the body, but the mind and spirit, too. These are presented by Hall-Perrine Cancer Center and Mercy Medical Center staff, along with professionals, volunteers and experts from our community.

Monthly classes and events include:

  • Yoga
  • Stress management classes – relaxation, breathing techniques, coping skills
  • Nutrition - guidance, education, cooking demonstrations
  • Educational sessions – lymphedema, fatigue management, spirituality, coping with pain

All patients, family members and survivors are welcome to join these classes.

Visit to view this month’s Journey to Wellness Calendar.

Plus, all Thrive Therapy participants and their families receive a free, 10-week membership to the YMCA.

There are four YMCA locations that participants can use:

  • 7th Ave SE YMCA
  • Marion YMCA
  • Stoney Point YMCA
  • YMCA at Mercy Health Plaza

Thrive Therapy patients and their family members can attend any group exercise class free of charge. Please check with your local YMCA for class times and location.

To learn more, please call (319) 365-HOPE (4673).

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