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Cancer Treatments

At Hall-Perrine Cancer Center, we understand you will have a lot of questions before and during your treatment. Begin by finding out which cancers we treat and what to expect from your team, including how you could be involved in clinical trials and research.

When you are ready to begin treatment, you'll receive the latest, most effective cancer technologies that Hall-Perrine physicians use to help fight each patient's unique battle with cancer. As part of a comprehensive approach, your physician may suggest one or a combination of the following:


Chemotherapy is utilized to cure cancer, keep it from spreading, slow its growth or relieve cancer symptoms. Treatment is located on the third floor of the Hall-Perrine Cancer Center and is administered by medical oncologists.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy at Hall Radiation Center, the area’s first and only radiation center, provides treatment to prevent cancer cells from growing and multiplying. The goal of radiation therapy is to slow, stop and destroy the tumor. Treatments include:

Cancer Surgery

Cancer surgery at Hall-Perrine Cancer Center is led under the direction of the area’s only fellowship-trained oncologic surgeon, Vincent Reid, MD, and equipped with state-of-the-art technology including daVinci® Robotic Surgery and is the first in Iowa to utilize MarginProbe in breast cancer procedures.

Have A Question?

Treatment options, finding physicians or seeking second opinions? Let us help you find the answers. Contact us.

Courageous Stories

Suzanne Staab

Suzanne's Story

In keeping with tradition at Hall-Perrine, Suzanne Staab – with family, friends and Mercy staff by her side – rings a bell to signify the end of her cancer treatment. Watch her story.

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