Cancer Deserves a Second Opinion

If you recently received a cancer diagnosis, need to feel more confident about your best treatment options, or simply want to confirm results, get a second opinion from the award-winning Hall-Perrine Cancer Center in Cedar Rapids.

A multidisciplinary team of expert physicians, who are leading the way in cutting-edge treatments, work together to provide comprehensive care for patients. Whether it’s surgical needs from the city’s only fellowship-trained oncologic surgeon, four different radiation treatment options to better target tumors, or chemotherapy in a space carefully and comfortably designed based on patient input with access to clinical trials and immunotherapies for some types of cancer, everything is under one roof at Hall-Perrine Cancer Center.

Cancer is scary, but getting a second opinion won’t be. Our promise is to help you navigate a cancer diagnosis as quickly and easily as possible.

If immediate care or answers are required, you should contact your healthcare provider or visit an emergency room.

Frequently Asked Questions About Getting a Second Opinion

What is a second opinion?

Getting a second opinion – having another doctor or specialist review your case – is a good way to make sure you're covering all of your bases. Doing so can confirm your diagnosis or the treatment plan your doctor has determined for you. It's also good to have a different perspective as some doctors are conservative while others are more aggressive in treating cancer. Meeting with another doctor can also bring up treatment options that your doctor either didn't know or think of.

Will my insurance cover a second opinion?

Insurance will typically cover a consultation. In addition, we have patient resource staff members who can look at your specific insurance to fully understand the financial information as it relates to your treatment. They are a great resource to answer any specific financial questions you have.

How quickly can I get in?

You will get a response from our staff member within two business days of your initial request. We see most patients within a week of a referral, which, of course, depends on how quickly we can get important health information collected on the patient. This information often comes from other organizations/providers.

If the decision is made to be seen by one of our providers, you will be asked to fill out and sign a health authorization form. You are welcome to complete this form out now, along with filling out the “Request A Second Opinion Consultation” form (found on the right side of this page or above on mobile), which will expedite the process.

Why should I get a second opinion?

With cancer, ensuring you have the right treatment plan and care environment for your type of cancer is important. The Hall-Perrine Cancer Center is committed to making the process easy so patients and their families can learn about the options we offer without the concern of losing time. We believe that when patients have the chance to experience our caring environment, state-of-the-art facilities, and advanced technology options to fit a wide range of very specific cancer needs, as well as the opportunity to meet our compassionate, experienced providers, they are confident in choosing to have their care completed here.

Will my doctor be offended?

Don't worry about offending your doctor by getting a second opinion. In fact, your doctor may be a good resource to refer you to another specialist. Getting a second opinion is a frequent occurrence and most physicians are open to another doctor's feedback.

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